About ReliaONE

ReliaONE, Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that serves the federal information technology market, focusing primarily on cybersecurity services for federal government customers and the contractors who support them. The company was founded by a combat veteran and seasoned IT industry executive who brings more than 30 years' experience to the fight against those who wish to harm our nation through cyber-attack.

Where did the name ReliaONE come from?

Some services or products you buy can be just "good enough". Do you agonize over the brand of windshield washer fluid you put in your car? Probably not. Do you select the hotel you stay in based on the brand of bath soap they put in the bathroom? I'm guessing no. On the other hand, would you pick the first brain surgeon you came across in a Google search if you needed a tumor removed? I'm certain you wouldn't. Some things HAVE to be RIGHT... the FIRST time. Reliable... the first time, and every time.

Cybersecurity services you can count on to protect your organization from bad actors and to give you peace of mind; the reliable one... ReliaONE.

Why Focus on Cybersecurity?

Why did I leave the comfort of secure employment to form a cybersecurity startup?

I love serving and protecting my country. Our country and those of us who live in it have plenty of faults, but I still believe we are blessed to live in the greatest country on earth. I remember meeting my Dad at the airport when he returned from his third and final combat tour, this one his second in Vietnam. Many years later, and many years ago, I had the distinct honor of serving as an Armor Officer for several years, including a deployment in Desert Storm.

No one country can match the might of the US military in a toe-to-toe fight. If any other world powers were foolish enough to take on the US, it would probably be ugly, but we'd win. A hundred Chinese, Russians, North Koreans or Iranians in a basement somewhere, hacking away, is what really scares me. Why even try to match our weapon systems conventionally, when they can potentially disrupt our critical systems, whether it's critical infrastructure, financial systems, command and control systems, or weapon systems, all from thousands of miles away without firing a shot?

I have been blessed to have the opportunity of serving as a Division Manager, Vice President, and COO of small businesses in the federal information technology market, in addition to being selected as President of two companies prior to founding ReliaONE. In those jobs, I was able to increase both top-line and bottom line revenue by taking care of employees who took care of customers. I want to bring that experience to bear in the fight against those who wish to harm our nation through cyber-attack.

That is why I left the comfort of a secure job to start a cybersecurity startup.